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21 Apr 2023

Young Environmentalist Champions Local Litter Pick

GreenPower’s Carraig Gheal Wind Farm community benefit funds have supported an inspirational environmental initiative spearheaded by a local 8 year old in Argyll.

Jack Grant, aged 8, founder and Chief Litter Picker of the Kilchrenan/Inverinan & Dalavich Litter Group

Jack Grant, aged 8 and a local resident of Avich and Kilchrenan Community Council area, had a dream three years ago that a local litter pick was required. This dream has not only been realised but it has grown into a community wide effort as the Kilchrenan/Inverinan & Dalavich Litter Group. 

Jack said, “The reason why I want to do litter picks is because it keeps the planet clean and I think that’s really important. On my latest litter pick I loved wearing my new “Chief Litter Picker” hi-vis vest.” Isobel, Jack’s Mum, explained that the initial idea came from her son: “Jack is a very enthusiastic environmentalist even aged 8 and really cares about the litter problem in our local area”.

Rob Forrest, GreenPower CEO said: “It is both inspirational and heart warming to see such drive and passion from young people to take action on environmental issues. Sometimes it just takes one person to be the catalyst for change, and suddenly everyone is joining in. Well done to Jack for making things happen and making a difference.”


Kilchrenan/Inverinan & Dalavich Litter Group during their successful litter pick in March

The initiative was recently awarded a micro grant from the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund for equipment to aid their litter pick which took place in March and was a great success.

The Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund micro grant, which is available to individuals, constituted and non-constituted groups, is for up to £500. Applications can be made at anytime for projects based within one of the five community council areas bordering the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm: Avich and Kilchrenan, Kilninver and Kilmelford, Kilmore, Taynuilt, Glenorchy and Innshail.

At the end of each financial year, any funds left remaining in the micro grant fund are allocated by the Steering Group to local charitable organisations, the most recent donations being £1,750 each to Oxygen Oban, North Argyll Volunteer Car Scheme (NAVCS) and North Argyll Carers Centre.

As well as the micro grant there is the main grant scheme. This is for £501 up to £10,000 and is available to constituted groups only. Village Halls may in their application make the case for funding in excess of £10,000 and up to a maximum of £20,000. The next funding round opens on 1st May with the closing date being 31st July and the Steering Group will then meet at the end of September to decide which applications to approve and by how much. As with the micro grants, further information is available on the Carraig Gheal website at If you would like to apply please contact Jennie Cowley at who will be able to provide you with application forms, guidance and any help at all you may need in completing the forms.