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8 Mar 2017

Carraig Gheal Community Fund Continues to Benefit Local Groups

Dalavich Community Centre


Dalavich Social and Recreational Club successfully applied last year for funding to enable refurbishment of the Dalavich Community Centre and the installation of a stove within the bar area.

Members and tourists alike are now enjoying these benefits with the multi fuel stove providing ample heating in the bar area creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The Children’s Room which provides a safe and comfortable environment for play has been refurbished. It has been totally transformed from being dated and tired to a bright modern and vibrant room which is now being enjoyed by the children.

The main hall and stage has also received a new lease of life after being sanded down and varnished. With the grant funding enabling these two projects to be undertaken this has also provided work for the local joinery firm.

Richard Todd, Chairman, and John Fleming, Treasurer, said, “Dalavich Social Club and Recreational Club would like to thank Greenpower Carraig Gheal Community Windfarm Fund for providing the two grants to enable these two projects to be undertaken as without the assistance of the grants these projects may have taken longer to complete or never have been undertaken.”

Glenorchy Curling Club also benefited from a micro grant of £250. Established in Dalmally in 1874 when many villages had their own curling ponds, curlers must now travel to Glasgow to play making it difficult to attract new people to the game. Thanks in part to the micro grant from the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund, 10 curlers, including 4 novices, were able to attend a coaching and practice session held on Saturday 18th February at Braehead.

The Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund has a main grant scheme offering funding up to £7,000 for projects from constituted groups from the £46,000 that the fund receives each year from the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm developer GreenPower Carraig Gheal. A micro grant scheme is also available throughout the year with awards of up to £250 available to individuals, constituted and non-constituted groups. Full details of the Community Benefit Fund and how to apply can be found here.