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20 Sep 2019

Scottish Renewable Energy Festival – GreenPower Supports Global Climate Strike

As part of the Scottish Renewable Energy Festival, and on its own merit of course, GreenPower staff supported the climate strike today, and joined the 300-strong demonstration outside Stirling Council headquarters. There are dozens of protests across Scotland today as part of the global strike action by young people, and school students had appealed to adults to join them to show support.

GreenPower staff Stefan Shaba, Jennie Cowley, Carlos Sanchez Smith and George Baxter drove over to the demonstration from our HQ in Alloa (in an electric car) and received a warm welcome.

Jennie, who had not been on a demonstration before said: “It was a really inspirational experience, and it was not a typical day at the office that’s for sure. The young people speaking were brilliant and there were some great banners, my personal favourite was ‘Don’t be a fossil fool. Switch your power’.”

George spoke to the crowd indicating GreenPower support, and added our voice to those at the event calling for the local council to declare a climate emergency. George added: “There is much talk of this being a crisis. It is, but it is actually more of a choice. We have the means to heat our homes, run our transport system and power Scotland with existing technology. So we do not have to wait, we can get on with it now, today, it is political will that can make it happen. And as a local renewable energy company we are ready and willing to help do it and create the sustainable jobs for people today, and for the low carbon economy of tomorrow.”