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25 Sep 2019

Scottish Renewable Energy Festival – Internships at GreenPower

Conor Watson who is studying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot Watt University was an intern with GreenPower over the summer and here explains how he spent his time with team:

I am 22 and about to start my final year studying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot Watt University. I grew up in Aberdeen, in a family of Engineers, so it felt natural to head down the same path. Whilst at university, you are always encouraged to think about you future career and I always wanted to work in renewables. So when I got the offer to work for GreenPower I was thrilled. I chose GreenPower because they are well established in their field and I knew that I would be able to learn a lot from their experienced staff.

Whilst I have been at GreenPower, I have been investigating whether renewable generation can be achieved on one of the Scottish islands and how that could provide a green benefit for the local residents. I have been focused on analysing the energy demand on the island as well as the possible constraints that could hinder any future projects. The outcome will be a comprehensive report detailing the energy consumption and subsequent demand throughout the Island along with renewable system proposals that could satisfy those demands.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and professional experience that this internship at GreenPower has given me. It has been great to experience a professional office environment and learn more about how a small company functions and works together to complete tasks.

My aim now, is to pass my final year and to hopefully get a graduate job afterwards! I am still unsure what direction to go, I have enjoyed my time at GreenPower and I would very much like to work in renewables again if the right job opportunity caught my attention.