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11 Nov 2019

Climate Change – what’s all the fuss about?

George Baxter, GreenPower’s Director of Development was invited to speak to the Blackridge Scottish Women’s Institute this autumn and decided in response to the recent declaration of a climate emergency to focus his talk on Climate Change.

After a brief introduction to GreenPower George explained about our Drumduff Wind Farm which is close to Blackridge and is built on an old open cast coal mine which is a great example of the recent focus on switching from fossil fuels to wind power which is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy generation.  The increased use of all types of renewable energy is helping to offset carbon emissions and George stressed the need for communities and politicians to continue to work together to maintain the momentum in switching to greener forms of energy generation.

Despite the relatively recent press focus on climate change, the issue was actually first identified over a hundred years ago at the start of the industrial revoluiton.  Climatologists had warned then that the increased burning of fossil fuels would raise the temperature of the earth and these predictions have now come to pass and are being felt across the globe.  So rather than a new phenomina the impact of climate change was actually known about long before any of those in the room were born.

The SWI were very interested in the talk and in discussing how much power Drumduff wind farm has generated since it’s been operational from October 2017, determined that the 35.36 gigwatt hours would equate to baking 30,751,624 cakes! *

GreenPower and George would like to thank the WRI for their interest and making time for the talk and hope that it helps to clarify what all the fuss is about.

*Based on 1 hour of baking consuming 2.3kWh and 2 cakes being baked in 1 hour.